7 Horrible Mistakes To Keep away from If you (Do) Site

November 4, 2022

7 Horrible Mistakes To Keep away from If you (Do) Site

Figuring out what genre Minecraft belongs to is an exercise in futility. There's a galaxy of them out there. Since Minecraft Fabric was released in 2018, there's been a massive debate in the Minecraft community. There's a limit on group video conference calls with the free version. Some services offer cheaper options (like Peacock's free tier), while others come essentially free as part of a bundle (like ESPN Plus in the Disney Bundle). And this is where features offered specifically by professional video platforms come into play. With the Saxon-Silesian front stabilised, Frederick ordered the bulk of his East Prussian forces under Lehwaldt to reinforce Pomerania, predicting that no new Russian advance would come until after the winter. Peter agreed to an armistice with Prussia in March and lifted the Russian occupation of East Prussia and Pomerania, redirecting his armies to Mecklenburg to threaten Denmark with war over his claims on the Duchy of Holstein-Gottorp. Prince Ferdinand, now made commander of Hanover's army, launched a series of winter offensives that ended the French occupation of Hanover and eventually drove the French out of Westphalia and across the Rhine, securing Prussia's western flank for the duration of the war. Moreover, a western Oregon study revealed fish remains were present in 80% of the 103 digestive tracts examined. One-third of the fish species in the upper watersheds are endemic, including species of Aphanius, Glyptothorax, Cobitis, Orthrias, and Schistura. The Batman River loach (Paraschistura chrysicristinae) is a Critically Endangered fish species endemic to the Batman and Ambar rivers, Turkish tributaries of the Tigris. Another wetland endemic species, Bunn's short-tailed bandicoot rat (Nesokia bunnii), is possibly extinct. The wetland birds Basra reed warbler (Acrocephalus griseldis) and Iraq babbler (Argya altirostris) are endemic to the Mesopotamian Marshes. The drying of the marshes led to the disappearance of the salt-tolerant vegetation; the plankton rich waters that fertilized surrounding soils; 52 native fish species; the wild boar, red fox, buffalo and water birds of the marsh habitat. Two blind fish species, the Iran cave barb (Iranocypris typhlops) and the Zagros blind loach (Eidinemacheilus smithi), are endemic to cave systems in Iran's upper Karun River watershed. There is a large floodplain in the lower basin where the Euphrates, Tigris, and Karun rivers converge to create the Mesopotamian Marshes, which includes permanent lakes, marshes, and riparian forest. This land also includes the former site of an early 18th-century Cherokee town.

After part of the Euphrates was dried up due to re-routing its water to the sea, a dam was built so water could not back up from the Tigris and sustain the former marshland. He is a former Great Britain Olympic coach and coached the Light Blues in the 1993 and 1994 Boat Races. On 16 January 1756 Prussia and Britain agreed to the Convention of Westminster, under which Prussia now undertook to guarantee Hanover against French attack, in return for Britain's withdrawal of its offer of military subsidies to Russia. As Prince Ferdinand's Prussian-Hanoverian army gradually forced the French out of northern Germany, Prussia and Britain quarrelled over the exact terms of their alliance, with Frederick demanding the commitment of British troops to Germany and the delivery of the long-promised naval squadron in the Baltic, while Pitt insisted on conserving Britain's resources for the wider global war. Despite dynastic links, British King George II viewed Prussia as an ally and proxy of the French, while Empress Elizabeth of Russia saw Frederick's kingdom as a rival for influence in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and feared that Prussia's growing power would obstruct the path of Russia's westward expansion. Despite the loss of their Russian auxiliaries, the Prussians engaged Daun's army on 21 July near Burkersdorf, north-east of Schweidnitz. The augmented army of about 33,000 men arrived near Leuthen, 27 kilometres (17 mi) west of Breslau, to find 66,000 Austrians in formation around the village. It's worth exploring the village and looting any chests you find; if you happen to find any emeralds, you might even be able to buy some useful items from the villagers. Earn cash by finishing a parking problem and use the cash to buy new cars or skill level challenges. I see only a few minor advantages of Steam when compared to the old method of physical discs in boxes: that it is quicker to download and install a game through Steam than it is to go to the store to buy a boxed copy, or to order a copy through an online retailer and have it shipped to your house; that it is more convenient to obtain games from Steam as opposed to the store, for in the latter case you need to trouble yourself by actually leaving your house and venturing outside; and that it is often cheaper to buy a game from Steam than it is to buy the physical copy. The coalition's internal conflicts and hesitant leadership had given Prussia a second chance, an event that Frederick later termed the "Miracle of the House of Brandenburg". Heavy Russian casualties at Kunersdorf and disagreement between the Russian and Austrian leadership led the cautious Count Saltykov to hold back his forces, giving the Prussians time to regroup. Both sides fought to exhaustion and suffered heavy casualties, but the Russians withdrew, and Frederick claimed victory. In the end the Prussians controlled the field and claimed victory, but both armies were badly weakened and soon retreated to winter quarters. When it comes to the performance, Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing app I have used on multiple devices and while it has worked fine on most high end phones and iPhones, it does get a bit stuttery on low end devices, so that's something you will have to keep in mind. So, if you don't have a compass with you, you can easily observe these clouds and get an idea of direction. If we don't get the chance to practice it in the real world, which would mean moving to an English speaking country, then how can we bring that real world to our students and our children? In the north, the weather is on the temperate side, with cool winters and mild summers, but as you near the Mediterranean coast, the summers get much hotter. In order to ensure the wall is not messed up by glue we used posters paper to make an app operated Cloud that uses LED lights for cool colors and patterns even thunder clouds, lightning clouds and so much more. Although they are generally available at most banks, two-dollar notes are usually not handed out except upon specific request by the customer, and may require the teller to make a trip to the vault, or order the desired amount if not present at the branch.

However, due to their limited use, two-dollar notes are not printed as frequently in a new series as other denominations, which are produced according to demand. Many people believe that the 1976 series $2 note with its unusual reverse design was a special, limited issue produced for the United States Bicentennial; this, combined with the earlier discontinuation of the denomination, gave the impression these notes might be valuable as collector's items, and contributed to hoarding. The reverse of the note featured portraits of Robert Fulton and Samuel F. B. Morse surrounded by an ornate design that occupied almost the entire note. The hydrology of these vast marshes is extremely important to the ecology of the entire upper Persian Gulf. Annual snow melt from the mountains brings spring floods, and sustains permanent and seasonal marshes in the lowlands. Antecedence played a major part in shaping other peculiar geographic features in the watershed, including the Dolores River's bisection of Paradox Valley in Colorado and the Green River's cut through the Uinta Mountains in Utah. The war greatly enhanced the prestige of Prussia, which won general recognition as a major European power, and of Frederick, who cemented his reputation as a preeminent military commander. After 1763, armies around the world sent their officers to Prussia to learn the secrets of the state's outsize military power, making Prussia one of the most imitated states in Europe. The warring powers in Central Europe had essentially fought to a stalemate. Russia a way to supply its armies in Central Europe by sea, rather than overland through Poland. The resulting Battle of Kunersdorf was a crushing Russo-Austrian victory, totally scattering the Prussian army and clearing the way to Berlin for the invading coalition. The enlarged Prussian army quickly drove the Swedes back, occupied most of Swedish Pomerania, and blockaded its capital at Stralsund through the winter. Sweden also agreed to invade Prussian Pomerania, looking to recovering the territories lost to Prussia after the Great Northern War. While they make a great family pet, they have been known to imitate a boxing motion when they're playing, so watch out for the jab! This comparative scarcity in circulation, coupled with a lack of public knowledge that the bill is still in production and circulation, has also inspired urban legends about its authenticity and value and has occasionally created problems for those trying to use the bill to make purchases. This move created a new Anglo-Prussian alliance and incensed the French court. Russia, likewise upset by the withdrawal of Britain's promised subsidies, drew closer to Austria and France, agreeing to a more openly offensive anti-Prussian coalition in April 1756. As France turned against Prussia and Russia separated from Britain, Kaunitz's plan thus matured into a grand anti-Prussian alliance between Austria, Russia, various lesser German powers, and France. However, on 9 July Peter was deposed and replaced by his wife, Empress Catherine II (later to be known as Catherine the Great); Catherine immediately withdrew from the alliance her husband had formed with Prussia, but she did not rejoin the war on the Austrian side.

Then, on 5 January 1762, the ailing Russian Empress Elizabeth died. In 1746 Maria Theresa formed a defensive agreement with Elizabeth known as the Treaty of Two Empresses, which aligned Austria and Russia against Prussia; a secret clause guaranteed Russia's support for Austria's claims in Silesia. After the disappointment of the Third Silesian War Maria Theresa finally abandoned the hope of recovering Silesia, focusing instead on domestic reforms to better prepare the realm for future conflicts with Prussia. Aiming to increase the peasantry's ability to contribute to the state's tax base, Maria Theresa issued a series of Robot Patents between 1771 and 1778 restricting forced peasant labour in her German and Bohemian lands, and her son would carry the process further with his Serfdom Patent. Austria was virtually bankrupt, and without French subsidies Maria Theresa could not afford a new invasion of Silesia; with France similarly exhausted, Louis was no longer willing to finance his ally's war. The defeated Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria nevertheless fully intended to retake the lost province and reassert Austria's hegemony in the Holy Roman Empire; after peace was restored, she set about rebuilding her armed forces and seeking out new alliances. The return to territorial status quo ante meant that none of the belligerents in the Silesian War gained the prize it had aimed at: Prussia failed to keep any part of Saxony, while Austria was unable to recover its lost province of Silesia, nor did Russia gain any territory at Prussia's expense. Frederick abandoned the province to Russian occupation, judging it strategically expendable and preferring to concentrate on achieving another decisive victory in the Silesian theatre to force the Austrians to the peace table. The goal in Tetris Worlds, however, is to complete a certain number of lines as fast as possible, so the ability to hold off a piece's placement will not make achieving that goal any faster. If it remains unbroken, Frogspawn will then hatch baby Tadpoles. There are also many fishing opportunities along the river, though it remains highly polluted. In the lower reaches of the river, the north bank consists of a series of steep, table-topped hills extending for about 240 km (150 mi) from opposite the mouth of the Xingu as far as Monte Alegre. Cherokee variety, meaning 'Turtle Place.' Several Cherokee towns developed along the river, including Kituwa, believed to be the "mother town" of the Cherokee. Minecraft has a new Evil Villian in town and that is the Cannibal Crab! I can't quite remember why I was not able to get him a Minecraft cake, so what I did was purchase a cake topper from Amazon (this one is similar not the same). HP's real “gaming laptop” is the Omen, which you can get with a GeForce GTX 1050 for £799.99.

It has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti GPU with GDDR6 6GB graphic memory. To help you decide, we created this GPU benchmarks hierarchy consisting of dozens of GPUs from the past four generations of hardware. I've created a set if 54 Minecraft Food Tent cards that have been amazingly popular. Depending on the reader's choice of what to do next, Mario is either knocked out (either by his own clone or Iggy's duplicates) and dumped back in the hall of mirrors, or leads the GLOM into the hall, where it clones itself after seeing its own reflection; thrown into a panic by the development, Iggy can only watch in terror as the GLOM keeps cloning itself until it overloads and it and all the duplicates it created explode into sand, bringing Fort Koopa down, leaving Iggy, Bowser and Wendy to dig themselves out of the rubble and limp their way back home. Watch out for zombies, though! Diddy's task is to watch over the banana hoard. Over the winter of 1756-1757 the belligerents worked to secure their respective alliances and coordinate strategy with their allies. The allies ended the campaign with a modest victory by storming the fortress at Schweidnitz on 1 October, after which the Prussians fell back to winter quarters in northern Silesia and Brandenburg. Austria was not able to retake Silesia or realise any other territorial gains, but it did preserve Saxony from Prussian control, slowing the growth of its new northern rival. Despite their victory at Hochkirch, Daun's Austrians, too, ultimately made little strategic progress in Saxony and were unable to retake Dresden. On the other hand, the Austrians, who had hoped to decide the war once and for all at Torgau, were bitterly disappointed to have suffered still another defeat at the hands of a smaller Prussian force, and Maria Theresa's deteriorating finances were beginning to constrain the Austrian war effort. Non-consumables, on the other hand, are items that do not get exhausted. With this Nether Portal speedrun technique, any player can get to the Nether without a diamond pickaxe. Player API access is another valuable tool. One thing to note is that this list of the best Minecraft texture packs is for the Java Edition of Minecraft, which you can access via the new PC launcher, so if you're using the Bedrock Edition, you're likely to run into some issues. Changed texture to match Java Edition. It's not too difficult to begin using mods in Minecraft: Java Edition, but you do have to be comfortable installing files and programs, accessing computer folders and editing files, and more. Minecraft: Is Forge Safe To Use? Minecraft Forge 1.16.5 is more than mod packs as it helps programmers and software developers to bring the Minecraft game to reality. Especially because kids can play Minecraft with friends, add Minecraft mods, and customize with Minecraft with texture packs. If Minecraft is already running, you will need to restart it to make sure the shader packs work. The Minecraft 1.17 beta will give players insight into the most significant Minecraft update since the Nether rework. Please ask me then I will give you my PayPal account for send payment. While people will tolerate and even encourage negative uses of most other traditions, the utilitarian and beneficial uses of these shunned forms are very limited, and can only really be used to destroy and drive their practitioners insane; and it's a very closed secret at present, but they are also associated with the Horrors. Since the 1960s and in the 1970s, when Turkey began the GAP project in earnest, water disputes have regularly occurred in addition to the associated dam's effects on the environment. In 2012, the Swedish company ended up hiring the lead developers of the project. Initially, the need for water power was quite modest, for example Lombe's Silk Mill in Derby, which is considered to be the forerunner of the later cotton mills, only needed to use the power provided by a small mill stream, and Richard Arkwright's Cromford Mill, the world's first water-powered cotton spinning mill, only used a small tributary of the Derwent in conjunction with a lead mine sough. Smoothbore artillery provided fire support and played the leading role in siege warfare.

18th-century European armies were built around units of massed infantry armed with smoothbore flintlock muskets and bayonets. Prussia could field only 104,000 troops, many of them raw recruits, and there were shortages of even basic supplies like muskets for the infantry. Compasses that only point north are so basic. On 15 May Russia and Prussia formally ended their war with the Treaty of Saint Petersburg, confirming Prussia's pre-war borders in the north and east. It may have additional numbers in the title. United States Note was removed and the serial numbers were changed to blue. This note with the red floral design was also issued as Series of 1917 but with red serial numbers by that time. Unusual serial numbers (example: A11111111A) and replacement notes (known by collectors as "star notes" and designated by a star in the serial number) can raise the collector value of some bills. During World War II and later, US servicemen were frequently paid with $2 bills, and as a result, the notes often were used at USO clubs, post exchanges, commissaries, and canteens. Facebook Live will be built into your status update field - as you can see from the first image in the above set, when you go to post a new update, there'll be a new 'Live' icon at the bottom. Update, Nov. 21, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. Rogers, Paul (Nov 10, 2009). "Santa Clara Valley Water District approves project to widen Guadalupe River at Alviso". Ashcraft, Stacey (September 29, 2009). "Ontonagon Could Lose Rail Service". Sweden, too, declared war on Prussia in September, invading Prussian Pomerania on 13 September with 17,000 men and beginning the Pomeranian War. Peter went on to mediate the 22 May Treaty of Hamburg, ending the Pomeranian War between Prussia and Sweden, with all of Prussia's Pomeranian territory preserved. Meanwhile, Russian forces under Zakhar Chernyshev and Pyotr Rumyantsev had besieged and blockaded the Prussian Pomeranian port of Kolberg beginning on 22 August. Finally, in August 1756 he personally led the main Prussian army of around 60,000 into Saxony, beginning the Third Silesian War. Only 2,240,000 of these served in army units in the north. North Carolina. It begins its course in Jackson County above Cullowhee at the confluence of Panthertown and Greenland creeks. This article related to a river in North Carolina is a stub. This article about a location in Jackson County, North Carolina is a stub. It flows in a northwesterly direction into Swain County, where the Oconaluftee flows into it before the Tuckaseegee heads northwest. The Snake River rises in western Wyoming, then flows through the Snake River Plain of southern Idaho, the rugged Hells Canyon on the Oregon-Idaho border and the rolling Palouse Hills of Washington, emptying into the Columbia River at the Tri-Cities in the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington.

The Tuckaseegee ultimately flows as a tributary into the Little Tennessee River below the lake. 3⁄4 miles (88.1 km) through the Ottawa National Forest and parallel to the Ontonagon River. US 45 crosses from Wisconsin to Michigan near Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin, east of the Sylvania Wilderness area of the Ottawa National Forest. Protected land offers the creative Minecrafter a place to build with full protection of their hard-work. Nearly all Tetris games allow the player to press a button to increase the speed of the current piece's descent or cause the piece to drop and lock into place immediately, known as a "soft drop" and a "hard drop", respectively. It has been published by several companies for multiple platforms, most prominently during a dispute over the appropriation of the rights in the late 1980s. After a significant period of publication by Nintendo, the rights reverted to Pajitnov in 1996, who co-founded the Tetris Company with Henk Rogers to manage licensing. Since 1996, the Tetris Company has internally defined specifications and guidelines that publishers must adhere to in order to be granted a license to Tetris. At this time, Toad asks for Mario to fetch a refreshroom in order to help Toadsworth regain his consciousness back. Losing consciousness and being unable to swim in the lake, he was captured by the Flood's central intelligence, the Gravemind. Other ocean species occasionally visit the lower reaches of the rivers; bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) used to swim up the Tigris as far as Baghdad. The most abundant fishes are species of barbs (Barbus), some of which can reach up to two meters in length. In July 2021, after two more extremely dry winters, Lake Powell fell below the previous low set in 2005. In response, the Bureau of Reclamation began releasing water from upstream reservoirs in order to keep Powell above the minimum level for hydropower generation. With its help, you can translate animals, bypassing various obstacles and reservoirs. Find out if your computer can run this game or not? The town was strongly defended and held out well, but several Prussian attempts to break the siege were unsuccessful. Well, it depends on multiple factors. In conjunction, players can be awarded combos that exist in certain games which reward multiple line clears in quick succession. The player can clear multiple lines at once, which can earn bonus points in some versions. If we see games where there are clear outliers (i.e. performance is more than 10% higher for the cards just mentioned), we'll go back and retest whatever cards are showing the anomaly and figure out what the "correct" result would be. If you don't see the links to CurseForge just above, there may be issues with the downloads at the moment. So if you think the annual or lifetime memberships may be for you but are worried about your child not liking Code Kingdoms, remember we offer a 30-day refund policy on those memberships. Alan Moore's Child Prodigy character Jack B. Quick takes this to parodic heights.

Over the years, we've heard all about mining Redstone and battling zombies, how Enderman won't attack unless they're provoked, how your child dreams of having Netherite armor, and what an axolotl is. Seriously, clean out your ears - they're in for a treat. Featuring Jonathan Mangum as announcer and co-host, this new iteration utilized some classic elements of improv from Whose Line, most notably Brady's singing and comedic abilities, occasionally breaking out into spontaneous musical improv in front of or involving contestants, and not being a stipulated aspect of the particular game to be played. Mojang put out a few different versions of Minecraft while they had the publishing rights, releasing a free to play version known as Classic Minecraft on the PC, along with the full version they had put most of their publishing power behind. In an effort to do our part, we've published Free Resources for Websites Impacted by COVID-19, and have been excited to see the community rally around new NGINX users. The Russians advanced westward toward the Oder, while Frederick led reinforcements northward to join Wedel and face Saltykov, leaving Prince Henry and General Heinrich August de la Motte Fouqué to see to the defence of Saxony and Silesia, respectively. On 3 August Saltykov reached and occupied Frankfurt an der Oder, where he received significant Austrian reinforcements sent from Daun under Laudon's command. Strategic warfare in this period centred around control of key fortifications positioned so as to command the surrounding regions and roads, with lengthy sieges a common feature of armed conflict. European warfare in the early modern period was characterised by the widespread adoption of firearms in combination with more traditional bladed weapons. Thus, the war in great part restored Austria's prestige and preserved its position as a major player in the European system.

The Silesian Wars, like most European wars of the 18th century, were fought as so-called cabinet wars in which disciplined regular armies were equipped and supplied by the state to conduct warfare on behalf of the sovereign's interests. Decisive field battles were relatively rare, though they played a larger part in Frederick's theory of warfare than was typical among his contemporary rivals. Saddam Hussein extended this work in the late 1980s and early 1990s, as part of ecological warfare against the Marsh Arabs, a rebellious group of people in Baathist Iraq. Policy Toward Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. Her nephew and successor, Tsar Peter III, was an ardent admirer of Frederick's, and he at once reversed Elizabeth's foreign policy and ordered a ceasefire with Prussia. Since France had never formally declared war on Prussia, he agreed to a ceasefire with Frederick and evacuated Prussia's territories in the Rhineland, ending France's involvement in the war in Germany. As a result, he relinquished the Universal Championship, ending his reign of 64 days. However, with the breaching of the dikes by local communities after the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the ending of a four-year drought that same year, the process has been reversed and the marshes have experienced a substantial rate of recovery. Iraq has seen significant declines in water storage and crop yields because of the drought.

In addition, Syrian and Iranian dam construction has also contributed to political tension within the basin, particularly during drought. The species is endangered by drought, habitat destruction, and habitat fragmentation from construction of the Batman Dam. One of Turkey's last large GAP dams on the Tigris - the Ilisu Dam - is strongly opposed by Iraq and is the source of political strife. Therefore, the Chelab stream may be properly considered the true source or parent stream of the Oxus. Coincidentally, the source of the South Tyne is very close to those of the Tees and the Wear. Many of the mounds in this area were built by about 1000 CE, during the South Appalachian Mississippian culture era. Tetris is rooted within popular culture and its popularity extends beyond the sphere of video games; imagery from the game has influenced architecture, music and cosplay. Anthropologist Daniel Miller and sociologist Don Slater discussed online Trinidad culture on online networks through the use of ethnographic studies. The Treasury cited low usage of the two-dollar bill as the reason for not immediately resuming use of the denomination. The two-dollar note has remained a current denomination of U.S. 2 notes have been printed since 1862, except for a 10-year hiatus between 1966 and 1976. The U.S. 1966; by that time, the United States Note was the only remaining class of U.S. In 1891, the reverse of the Series of 1890 Treasury Note was redesigned because the treasury felt that it was too "busy", making it too easy to counterfeit. The reverse featured large wording of TWO in the center and a numeral 2 to the right surrounded by an ornate design that occupied almost the entire note. The obverse of the note featured a borderless portrait of Thomas Jefferson to left and wording in the entire center. The entire obverse of the note was covered in artwork with an allegorical figure of science presenting steam and electricity to commerce and manufacture. While the $5 denomination had been issued simultaneously as a Federal Reserve Note, a United States Note and a Silver Certificate, the $2 denomination was not immediately reassigned to the Federal Reserve Note class of United States currency, thus was fully discontinued. Large-sized Federal Reserve Bank Notes were issued in 1918. Each note was an obligation of the issuing Federal Reserve Bank and could only be redeemed at the corresponding bank. Production of the two-dollar denomination was resumed in December, 1975, and the two-dollar bill was finally reissued in the spring of 1976 as a Federal Reserve Note with a new reverse design featuring John Trumbull's depiction of the drafting of the United States Declaration of Independence, replacing the previous design of Monticello. The reverse has the king of England smoking tobacco and an eagle with a shield. John accessed a terminal to try to allow Cortana to deactivate the shield the Didact deployed to protect the Composer. The screwing around with meta-concepts, breaking of the Fourth Wall (which the Literals are aware of but the Fables aren't) and general Bizarro Episode feeling of this arc causes Bigby and Snow to make the decision to treat it as an in-universe Big-Lipped Alligator Moment, and try to get back to their already-complicated lives as quickly as possible. But, even when I do tweet about random things, I still try to make it interesting. 6. Select OptiFine and make sure a little checkmark appears to the right of the entry. The Prussian army marched in three columns: on the right were about 15,000 men under the command of Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick; on the left were 18,000 men under the command of the Duke of Brunswick-Bevern; in the centre was Frederick himself, with Field Marshal James Keith commanding a corps of 30,000 troops. After this major defeat, Prince Charles was removed from his command and replaced by Daun, who was now promoted to Field Marshal. By early 1761 neither side retained the men or supplies needed to mount a major offensive. By late June the city's defences were badly damaged, but the besieging army's supplies were acutely low. Prussian currency had to again be devalued over the winter to stabilise the army's finances. Tetris is available on over 65 platforms, setting a Guinness world record for the most ported video game. The scoring formula for the majority of Tetris products is built on the idea that more difficult line clears should be awarded more points. My idea is that the principles of Quantum Similarity applies to the neural wiring of our brains and many stimuli based decisions are following a characteristic pattern that can be mathematically represented under a certain mechanical system.